Frequently Asked Questions


B - Product

  • Are IAM SUPER FOOD products gluten free?

    Three of our SOUPs are Gluten free – the Pulled Pork and Jalapeno, Peppered Beef and Superbeans and the Supergreens (not the Chicken one),  and whilst there is no Gluten in our BEANS we have been advised that the factory does handle Gluten so I’m afraid we cannot guarantee the products 100% don’t contain them – annoying I know and we are working on making this clearer. Please read the information on the back of pack for more information.

  • Are your IAM SUPER products suitable for Vegetarians and/or Vegans?

    Our Vegetarian products are as follows: IAM SOUPER Soups – Supergreens Soup. IAM SUPER GRAINS – Quinoa mixed pepper and lentil, Bulgur wheat chickpea and chive, and Spelt borlotti bean and mint. IAM SUPER BEANS – British style original.

    Vegan – friendly

    Our range is made in factories that handle animal-derived products, which is why our packaging has to warn of the possibility of allergen content, however the following products’ ingredients are vegan-friendly: IAM SUPER GRAINS – Quinoa mixed pepper and lentil, Bulgur wheat chickpea and chive, and Spelt borlotti bean and mint. IAM SUPER BEANS – British style original

    If you are avoiding meats, eggs or dairy please check the ingredients on the packaging or on the product information pages of this website. We have tried to highlight products which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Does IAM SUPER contain allergens like Nuts or Dairy?

    Naturally we are very careful to list out all possible allergens on the back of our packs. Please check the product information on the product pages before you buy from us if you have issues with Allergens. A number of our recipes are dairy and nut free, however there may be nuts in the factory where our products are made.


    If you just not sure drop us an email at [email protected]

  • You talk a lot about protein? Why is this so important?

    We are not sure that many people really understand what Protein is or does but most people have heard it’s a good thing – especially in the morning after an 8 hour snooze.

    What we do know is that the right protein can be pretty useful. Here’s just a few of the benefits that we know of:

    1. Makes you feel fuller for longer
    2. Helps manage your weight by filling you up
    3. Helps improve your mood
    4. Stabilises Blood sugar levels
    5. Promotes healthy brain function and learning
    6. Helps maintain strong bones and muscles
    7. Promotes a healthy heart
    8. Slows aging and promotes longevity
    9. Helps you pick the winning lottery numbers

    Clever stuff that Protein!

C - Environment

  • What does long life packaging mean?

    We use clever technology when packaging our products. The materials that we use, preserve the product in the original condition without the need for preservatives or additives for extending shelf life. Whilst they will not necessarily taste exactly like mum’s home cooking – we think they are pretty close.

  • Can I recycle the packaging from IAM SUPER product range?

    Yes – all our packaging is recyclable. The plastic pouches can be put out in the plastics recycling bin and our Tetra Pak cartons also have an end of life home too (they are collected for recycling in most Local Authority areas across the UK. Check out locations on

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