Barley, Sweet Potato & Chorizo
(6 x 250g)

Barley, Sweet Potato & Chorizo
(6 x 250g)

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AM a funky mix of Barley, Sweet Potato & Chorizo that are bang on taste and trend. IAM a good source of Protein, a super source of Fibre, low in saturated fat and contains nothing artificial. I also taste amazing.

Suitable for anyone looking for Easy, Tasty Health.


Pearl Barley provides a great way to increase fibre in your diet (it has nearly twice the fibre of brown rice!) and adding fibre to your diet helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

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We’ve managed to create a funky mix of Barley, Sweet Potatoes and Chorizo that are bang on taste and trend. They are ideal for the young at heart and adventurous types who are looking for an easy, tasty, healthy lunch or supper. A good source of protein and fibre, these tasty pouches are packed with natural goodness that helps you stay fuller for longer. They’re great added to meat or fish or just eaten on the go – in the office, at a festival or on a hike.


GET IT ON! IAM SUPER GRAINS makes it easy to eat healthy, delicious food.
FOR SOMETHING QUICK: Grill some courgettes and asparagus. Place veg over a pile of grains and top with some crumbly feta.
FOR SOMETHING FANCY: Serve with barbequed chicken and grilled halloumi – pour the juices from the cooked meat over the top.


MICROWAVE – Tear the top corner open by 2cm. Heat up on full power 60 seconds. Open carefully and watch out for steam – it’s going to be hot!
IN A PAN – Tear the full top off at the tear marks and squeeze the contents into a pan. Add a drop of water (2 tbsp.) and heat it up. Stir occasionally until heated through and then munch on immediately.

Do not use if pack has been punctured. Can be stored in a cool dry cupboard or in the fridge. Once opened use that day.


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  2. Great product have just bought the other one’s hope their as good

  3. This is great! It’s by far my favourite of the I AM SUPER Grains. It tastes lovely and is perfect for a weeknight when you don’t have much time to faff around boiling rice! 60 seconds in the microwave and yum yum yum!! 🙂

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