Quinoa, Mixed Peppers & Lentils
(6 x 250g)

Quinoa, Mixed Peppers & Lentils
(6 x 250g)

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IAM a funky mix of Quinoa, Mixed Peppers & Lentils that are bang on taste and trend. IAM a good source of Protein, a super source of Fibre, low in saturated fat and contains nothing artificial. I also taste amazing.

Suitable for anyone looking for Easy, Tasty Health (and vegetarians and vegans too).


Quinou tops the grain ranking. It is one of the only plant foods that is considered a complete protein and contains fibre and much more. It also contains all 9 essential amino acids making Quinou the ultimate ‘Super Grain’.

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We’ve managed to create a funky mix of Quinoa, Mixed Peppers and Lentils that are bang on taste and trend. They are ideal for the young at heart and adventurous types who are looking for an easy, tasty, healthy lunch or supper. A good source of protein and fibre, these tasty pouches are packed with natural goodness that helps you stay fuller for longer. They’re great added to meat or fish or just eaten on the go – in the office, at a festival or on a hike.


GET IT ON! IAM SUPER GRAINS makes it easy to eat healthy, delicious food.
FOR SOMETHING QUICK: Sprinkle over rocket and top with crumbly goats’ cheese. A drizzle of vinaigrette and a handful of herbs.
FOR SOMETHING FANCY: These grains taste amazing served hot with a spiced up salmon fillet and some chargrilled asparagus.


MICROWAVE – Tear the top corner open by 2cm. Heat up on full power 60 seconds. Open carefully and watch out for steam – it’s going to be hot!
IN A PAN – Tear the full top off at the tear marks and squeeze the contents into a pan. Add a drop of water (2 tbsp.) and heat it up. Stir occasionally until heated through and then munch on immediately.

Do not use if pack has been punctured. Can be stored in a cool dry cupboard or in the fridge. Once opened use that day.


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  2. Bought these products from Asda and they’re amazing!! Thank IAMSuper you have a consumer for life 🙂

  3. has transformed my boring sandwich lunch, great hot or cold but importantly quick. Do you sell in Sainsburys?

  4. Unlike other packets of pre-cooked grains this has no after taste of oils or other unpleasant flavours. It has a clean, fresh taste and is a great on its own or as a base for your meal. I’ve enjoyed it hot & cold and its perfect with roast veggies and chicken!

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